A Level Maths students call for re-evaluation of 2019 Edexcel papers

Students faced with "completely unreasonable" questions from Pearson Edexcel

 Students sitting the 2019 Edexcel A Level maths Paper 1  on the 5th of June, Paper 2 on 12th of June and Paper 3 tomorrow afternoon are calling for a re-evaluation of Edexcel papers.

A petition started by Hannah Smith on has in less than 48 hours already gained almost 10,000 signatures from students and parents calling for a re-assessment of the situation and “support for [their] mental health”. Many students expressed concern after sitting Paper 1 & Paper 2 of the A-Level Maths Edexcel, citing that there were stark differences between the questions in the text book and the exam paper.

Screenshot of the petition started on

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It has been highlighted that the students ‘reference papers’ do not reflect the difficulty of the final A-Level exam. How can students adequately prepare for these important exams if they are not given appropriate materials from the examining board. Many believe the Pearson Edexcel papers were “poorly written” and impossible to prepare for. Whilst the grade boundaries may be lowered to reflect the difficulty presented in the questions; it would be almost impossible to differentiate between students who are targeted to get an A grade and those who are predicted a C. A levels are important qualifications which allow students to access further education, Those students hoping to attend particular universities may have their hopes shattered as a direct result of Edexcel choosing to abandon the specification taught over the last two years. No doubt Edexcel and schools will improve matters before next year but unfortunately many student will have unjustifiably missed the grades they need for their university offer. Students are encouraging parents and teachers to reach out to the examining body, Edexcel. 

If you feel students have been unfairly treated you can join Hannah and other students by signing the petition by clicking here.


Phil is a reporter for Northwich Today.

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