Shaky Grounds for Victoria Infirmary

As Victoria Infirmary decays, the Mid Cheshire Trust plan for an uncertain future

For a while now, the Victoria Infirmary has had a shaky future. There are multiple reasons for this, and the Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust are looking for solutions to their problem.

Possibly the most pressing issue with the site is the failing conditions caused by subsidence; the ground’s movement downwards relative to sea level. In this case, due to the nearby railway line and local salt extraction, the building’s foundation has become unstable.

Another issue arises from two inpatient wards which, after an electrical test, were closed in 2010. These wards have been closed ever since, but even after maintenance, they would remain unfit to deliver modern healthcare standards. Due to the ward being mixed-sex, there are no separate toilet facilities which could cause “privacy and dignity concerns”, says a Trust spokesman.

For these reasons, the spokesman summed up by stating “It’s really not cost-effective to invest a lot of money into that site.” In response to these concerns, the Trust is considering a relocation to a more suitable area of Northwich.

Where a new facility could go is still in the air, however, there is a suggestion for a new site to coincide with the Cheshire West and Chester Councils’s regeneration at Weaver Square. The spokesman suggested that “It is possible that health services could be included in this hub”.

Victoria Infirmary’s closure is far from certain, but if better services could be provided to the residents of Northwich on a new site, then there is a high probability.

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Simon Kolker

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  1. It will be a disaster if it closes. It provides great local services and stops a lot of people having to travel the long journey to Leighton. Not everyone has a car and public transport links between northwich and Leighton are long and arduous and stop in the evenings. Thus would mean that people would have to pay from a taxi to Leighton and a return and clog a and e with a problem that could be sorted locally

  2. It’s a lovely infirmary, very handy for the residents especially in a minor emergency & for all of the numbers of people that queue for bloods tests on a regular basis. In fact they need funding to repair and improve this great facility.

  3. why mend whats not broken, leave as it is, plenty of parking space, if they move into northwich it would be traffic chaos, more bloody messing about with the bigwigs that don’t no what they are doing, knock the old infirmary down and build houses on it, somebody will get a back hander,leave alone


  5. Yet another Northwich much used facility under threat, we don’t need more houses we need schools, doctors and a better road network.

  6. Absolute discussing to even think of closing the VIN…
    This is irreplaceable in Northwich.
    The position of the building Is ideal with large parking facilities a bonus!
    I did object to the much needed wards closure as this means a longer journey for relatives when elderly patients
    are in hospital for long periods.

  7. Vin is vital in Northwich for all sorts of reasons surely the cost to repair is would far outweigh the cost to build a new one that is if they intend to build a new one watch this space

  8. I agree! If the ground is that unstable then why not incorporate it into the winnington village area where they will be building shops etc. It could go in the space that the builders set aside for a school and is now not getting built. Moving it into Northwich itself means no parking etc. We need a proper A&E closer then Leighton!

  9. If as is reported, the entire site of the current Hopital is sinking, what will happen with the ground ? More houses which will sink ?
    Any move to another site needs to be faultless with the money to be spent. An infirmary reconstructed to a budget ( too small for it`s purpose ) really needs to be on a solid ground site. Possible sights, the old ICI engineering works, The woodlands trust site near Weaverham, An area of local green field which isn`t undermined by salt workings or likely to flood.

  10. If we are going to lose Hartford College why not earmark the site for a new hospital before the greedy house builders get their hands on that too.

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