Local Fire Engulfs Davenham Residence

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service fight Garage Fire.

Upon the fateful 22nd of April 2018, chaos broke out in the suburbs of Davenham as a vicious fire tore down a resident’s garage.

Firefighters were called to the scene at 9:44 in the morning. A trio of three fire engines responded, two from the local Northwich station, and another from Winsford’s station.

The crew fought bravely against the blaze that emerged from the home’s garage. The fire was extinguished using two hose reel jets and one main jet. Thermal imaging cameras were also used to check for hotspots.

Unfortunately one man suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation had to be handed over to paramedics.

Despite this the fire was successfully eradicated and crews were in attendance for a troubling four hours.

All of us here would like to thank Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, and hope all readers keep safe and healthy.


Simon Kolker

The Extreme Editor Extraordinaire for Northwich Today.

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