Half a Million Towards Cheshire’s Schools

Government seeks to aid the nation's struggling schools.

As many parents will know, there is a rising epidemic of underperforming schools across the country. This rise likely stems from a variety of factors of differing importance. However, one underlying issue is surely the lack of appropriate funding school’s are receiving.

It is perceived that in order to combat these struggles the Government has deemed it necessary to bestow £600,00 worth of funding. Cheshire East Council has been given the money to be distributed across Primary and Secondary Schools including those within Cheshire East, West and Chester.

Specifically, the £638,452 has been deemed the Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) and will be spread across twenty Cheshire East Schools and nineteen Cheshire West Schools. The Department of Education has not yet announced which schools exactly the money will be given to. Despite this, it is known that it will likely go to low-performance schools.

The consensus between councillors seems the be positive, and they’ve commended the Government’s decision to put £140 million into the SSIF across the country.

It is hoped our community’s schools will use the gracious money to educate our children and fund our nation’s now brighter future.


Simon Kolker

The Extreme Editor Extraordinaire for Northwich Today.

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